Blog Tour: Badass Bookie (inc. giveaway)

Yes, the tour continues! Thanks to Lisa Yu for this great review (and giveaway) on her blog, Badass Bookie:

“One of my favourite reads of this year! I went into Jump not knowing what to expect but finished the book thoroughly enjoying the content between the covers! An interesting and engaging take science fiction, cloning, DNA mojo and an utopian dictatorship, Jump was a thrilling and action-packed adventure. A fast-paced chase across the country, William’s clever and intense plot leaves readers on the edge of their seats. A great protagonist with a brilliant mind, a mysterious ally and a race against time to save the world, Jump is definitely one of the cleverest science fiction novels!”

Thanks also to Dragana of Bookworm Dreams (not part of the the tour but it popped up on my radar this morning):

Twinmaker will be a treat for all gadget fans who love to read about moral dilemmas created by depending on technology too much. Or if you liked the fighting against the government in Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother, then you should definitely check out Twinmaker.”

Lisa acknowledges that reviews have been mixed, and that’s fine with me. Can’t please everyone! As long as the people who would love it are finding it, that’s the main thing.

Meanwhile, work on Crashland continues . . . hence my being relatively quiet in recent days. More to come, I promise!


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