Doctor D-mat Dons A Hat

I attended my graduation this week, which makes my “Doctor D-mat” claim feel a little more real. It was a snazzy affair, one I’m glad I attended. Below is my scroll. Came in a snazzy fake-leather tube and all. Not sure if I’ll put it on my wall. There’s rarely anyone else in my study to admire it except me. *pathetic sad face*

scroll - full

In other news, “I, Q” is still available to readers in Australia in e-book form. If you want to know what Q was experiencing while the events of Jump unfolded, now you can.

Also, I sold a new Twinmaker story to Mike Resnick at Galaxy’s Edge. Details to come!

Lastly, when not working I have bee enjoying Steven Gould’s latest book in the Jumper series: Exo. If you like the other books in the series, you’ll love this too. Up, up and away!

d-mat hat

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