The end of a road

SAMSUNG“I, Q” is complete and to celebrate the end of that long haul here’s a picture of 1 Penn Plaza (future home of VIA) as taken from W 33rd Street in 2011.

I took this while in New York after that year’s Writers & Illustrators of the Future Contest celebration. My original plan was to follow the entirety of Clair’s route from Brooklyn Heights, across Manhattan Bridge and north through the city. I was too lazy, though, and hiring a Segway proved more complicated than I expected. Another time.

One day I’d also like to trace Clair and Jesse’s panicked flight across California to the Maury Rasmussen airfield. I spent a lot of time poring over Wikipedia and Google Maps in the hope of doing the landscape justice. There’s no substitute like seeing it in the flesh, though. (Potential tour guides, drop me a line.)


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