Your Six-Word Twinmaker Fix (now with bonus extra words)

The other day io9 ran a six-word story thread to which I was compelled to contribute, because why not? Harder than a haiku, particularly when at least one of the words has to identify your story as involving matter transmitters. As of course all the best stories do.

So here’s what I wrote, tweaked a tad, perhaps, since every letter counts in stories this short.


D-mat self-diagnosis: error rate zreo.

D-mat suicide. Destination: nowhere. Arrived damned.

To d-mat? Neither here nor there.


Edited to add:

All this talk of short-short stories reminded me of another I wrote some years back. Not strictly speaking a d-mat story, it could be with a small amount of tweaking. Rather than do that, though, here it is in its entirety:


“The Trilerbe Dulciftify”

Time is cut, psated.

An ernicepexed toerampl tellvater kowns taht, as lnog as the bingening and the end of oen’s jureony rimean the smae as tehy wree, it denos’t mettar waht canghes ocucr in the mildde.  Railtey siltl snacs.  I’ts a bit lkie qutunam faom: annithyg geos peovdrid all the vurital piraclets sanp bcak in the box wehn the Pclank innastt is oevr.  The dulciftify, of cruose, leis in minkag srue one deson’t waerk hovac, and snepd the rset of oen’s lfie tynrig to put it bcak teteghor aigan.

Psated, cut.

Life goes on, all the better for not knowing.

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